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to Sole Journey Reflexology
Offering Relaxation with
Foot, Facial & Hand Reflexology
and  Detoxification with
Ion Cleanse Footbath.


I have been seeing Phaedra for a good 6 years and she has done me a world of good. There are times when my pain is so bad

I can’t make it out of the bed. I come to her and I can function again, not pain free but at least up and moving with less pain than

before. I would say that’s a miracle. I would recommend her to anyone that is in a chronic pain/disease situation.

- Disabled Veteran, Perry F.

Phaedra showed kindness to me today in dealing with my needs. 

- Linda K

Sole Journey Reflexology is great. Phaedra is very professional and great at what she does.

From the moment you walk in you will feel relaxed.

- Jacqueline C.


I suffer from terrible allergies. Clogged sinuses, sinus pressure, swelling and just feeling icky are my normal every spring and fall.

After a reflexology session with Phaedra, I can breathe!!! The sinus pressure disappears and I feel human again. When I combine

a session with a footbath, the effect lasts a lot longer. I won’t describe what shows up in the footbath but the lymphatic system

work Phaedra does during my reflexology session gets things moving and that footbath gets them out of me. I highly

recommend Phaedra to anyone with allergies or clogged lymphatic system. It’s been a life changer for me!

- Linda A.

Great experience! Will definitely return.

- Inez G.

AWESOME! Phaedra is a Godsend! I was so relaxed right from the get-go, and I really appreciated how informative she was.

I also like that she listened to my concerns, and explained to me what options I had to hone in on the health issues I wanted to concentrate on.

I’m planning to make this a regular routine – not as a way to pamper myself, but because I actually felt so much better afterwards.

Knee pain was gone, lower back pinch was gone, and I felt like I could stand up straight again.

I’d highly recommend you go at least once to see for yourself!

- JB.


Reflexology is a unique health experience. the reflexologist working with the feet can determine and locate body problems. My reflexologist, Phaedra Neely, has shown her skill , training and professional interest in her work. I have definitely been pleased and benefited from this treatment.

-  George G. S.

 Very pleasant personality, incredibly relaxing experience  and provided relief to some of the joint pain I was experiencing  ... overall very

positive experience.

- Tricia F.

Very relaxing… reflexology is a great healing art and helps me feel better after a lot of back pain.

- Matt H.

Phaedra is absolutely wonderful – extremely knowledgeable of reflexology and a joy to be with.

She has fantastic energy and did a wonderful job on my foot and face reflexology package.

I would absolutely HIGHLY recommend her! Can’t wait to return!

- Laura Y.


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