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Foot, Facial and Hand Reflexology




Reflexology dates back 5,000 years when pictorial evidence was found

on the tomb of an Egyptian physician. For centuries it has been practiced

in Japan, India and China. Having roots in acupuncture, reflexology works with similar nerve pathways and energy channels.


In 1913 Dr. William Fitzgerald, MD., an Ear Nose and Throat specialist, introduced zone therapy to the United States. Zone therapy is the

practice of applying pressure on various zones to stimulate other parts

of the body for an anesthetic effect.


In the 1930/1940’s Eunice D. Ingham, a nurse and PT mapped out

the entire body into reflexes naming zone therapy reflexology.

She worked alongside Dr. Joe Shelby Riley, DC a chiropractor who

ran The Riley School of Chiropractic in Washington, DC.



Reflexology is a science based on the principal that reflexes in the feet correspond to every part of the human body.

There are over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet that correspond to the neck, shoulders, back and entire body systems.

By applying gentle pressure to these reflexes we aim to increase blood supply to the respective areas,

therefore stimulating the body's own healing processes to restore a state of balance.





Please allow 1 hour 15 minutes (for 50 minute session) or 1 hour 45 minutes (for 80 minute session) on your first visit.

There will be an intake form and this will allow time for any questions. The session begins with opening movements to relax. After which, the reflexologist will systematically cover the feet detecting any areas of congestion or calcification built up

on the nerve endings. These areas will be worked to stimulate the body’s own healing processes. The session is concluded

by further relaxing movements.Your Reflexologist will discuss the number of sessions suggested and will ask you to note any changes you notice. You may feel relaxed and energized, or tired and need to rest. It depends on you and your body.



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